Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beach clean up

Last Friday us seniors went to the beach clean up We were quite 
amazed of how many rubbish we found lying on the beach. We found heaps of rubbish
Cans,  glass and even cigarette butts.  


  1. Wow great job on cleaning up in the beach! I cant believe that there was all of that rubbish on the beach! It is horrible to think that people litter!
    By Mackenzie

  2. Kia Ora Te Ngahere!
    This is a good way to help encourage other people to go over to the beach and clean and pick up some rubbish to help the ocean. What was one of the grossest things you picked up? How long were you down at the beach for?
    From Holly

  3. Kia Ora Te Ngahere good work for picking up rubbish on the beach i bet there was heaps.

  4. Kia ora Te Ngahere.
    I really like the sounds of the beach clean up. It would definately help the enviroment. How many students went to go help clean up the beach? What was your favourite part of the trip?

    Bye hear from you soon.
    Mya from Grey Main.

  5. Hi I'm Reilly from Grey Main School. Nice job with helping your community beach. How far did you guys go on the clean up?
    Bye for now,

  6. Kia Ora Te Ngahere
    Liam Here from Grey Main. Well done on going to your beach and picking all the rubbish up. You're all tidy kiwis!
    I hope our beach isn't this dirty!

  7. Ki ora,
    Its amazing that you guys picked up all the rubbish at your beach!It is cool that you guys the made time to clean up and keep your community clean and tidy. How long did you spend at the beach cleaning up?

    From Ella,
    Grey Main School

  8. Hello I'd just like to say well done. I wish I had the time to do something like tha.t I am sick of those people that think it is okay to do stuff like this. It is called killing our planet and making it worse than it already is. Bye for now Kaleb

  9. Hi it is Ella from Grey Main School.
    It is really nice that you are looking after the community. It looks like you found a lot of rubbish on the beach. Which beach did you go to?
    Ka pai From Ella

  10. nice work. what was the grossest thing you found?

  11. Kia ora Te Ngahere,
    That is so sad to hear that there is so much rubbish on the beach BUT well done to you all for being involved in the beach clean up. What do you think we can do as New Zealanders to stop people leaving rubbish on our beaches? I am sure you all know not to leave rubbish but how can we ensure others have the same values? I'd love to hear your answers.

  12. Hi Te Ngahere my name is Delina and I go to Kawakawa primary school. I like that use are cleaning the beach so that there is no rubbish around.

  13. Hi Te Ngahere
    Great work on cleaning up the beach. I bet there was a lot of rubbish at the beach. Did you find any glass bottles and if you did were they broken?
    From Yana

  14. Hi Paihia School,

    My name is San Kyay I am from Panmure Bridge School. I have noticed that our schools doing something familiar. We have also been cleaning around our school, there has been a lot of rubbish like chippie packets and glad wrap. It is bad that your school found glass because what if someone stood on the glass what would happen?

    From: San Kyaw

  15. Wow what a great idea to help the community. But it's really sad of how much rubbish you seniors found. I hope people will think twice.