Thursday, November 1, 2018

Novel study

In Te Ngahere most of us have been doing novel study the rest have been learning what to do in a earthquake or what to do in a cow attack. Novel study is where you get a novel and read it. When you finish the book you go on a doc and it has a bunch of questions then you have a success criteria under it. My favourite part was when we had to write 10 words on a table grid and then write down why we chose the word. Novel Study

Planet Earth

For writing this week on Tuesday we were talking about how we care for planet earth. First we had to choose a topic on what harms planet earth and then talk about how it affects the planet and three facts on how we could reduce the impact. I think I done very well but I need to work on adding more exciting words. Here is my writing.

Do you know how plastic affects us all? Well if you don't, i’m going to help you understand how we can keep our ecosystem healthy and well balanced. Many people use about 2 million plastic bags every minute, so who knows how much they use in a day.
How it affects the planet
Plastic affects the planet by you leaving your plastic bag, containers, bottles and anything else that is involved with plastic lying around outside for the wind to blow it in the ocean or the birds to swoop down and eat it. It can also harm our fish because once they have consumed the plastic, then a fish or sea creature eats that one then it becomes a food chain.
Reducing the impact:
To reduce the impact we can start using our own bags to carry shopping instead of using plastic bags, and even using metal for your containers. For labels we don't have to keep using plastic, we can also use paper to for that because if it drops in the water the paper will just break down and the fish won't be able to eat it.

In conclusion for a big problem some people can make a big difference to help your area to become more healthier and balanced.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Duffy Kid assembly

Hello everyone. In the whole of Paihia School we had a Duffy book assembly. A lady came in and her name was Zinkie.  Zinkie is a character who comes from a book called Dream Catcher. We had to sing the Duffy Kid Song. We got the books for free because the school PTA had a fundraiser for it. How we got our books was we chose four numbers three to four weeks before we actually got the books. You only got two books though. The third and fourth numbers were just substitutes if one of your first two numbers ran out. The two books I got was Refugee and I Survived True stories. In each of these books was a few true stories.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Inter school cross country

Some of Te Ngahere and Paihia School got to go to Inter school cross country.  To go you had to qualify by coming first, second or third in your school from your age group.  Inter school cross country was held at Waikare School which took a while to get to and the course was long. My age group had to run across a field a bit. Then turn right run more then turn right again run even more then run around a fence that had been going from the second right. Then we had to go diagonally right and you were at the start of the hill. The hill was steep and a few people were struggling to get up it because they’d used their sprint at the start. Because of that I was coming second, and I didn’t realise until I looked up when I was climbing the hill. Instead of running, I half crawled, half ran because it was much faster and easier. Then there was a flat. Everyone ran down the hill but I walked down even though everyone was overtaking me. There were enough people who rolled down the hill and got hurt. Then at the bottom of the hill there was a turn another turn a whole bunch of mud where lots of people got their shoes stuck in then another turn and out by the carpark. Next you had to run out into the field again sprint and onto the gravel sprint more and finish. I placed 7th and I was proud of it.                                  

Thursday, September 6, 2018


In Te Ngahere we have been looking at gaming because our teacher Mr Lindsay didn’t know anything about gaming. So he spent 3 hours reading about gaming and how addictive it is. Mr Lindsay the next day came into school with a form about gaming that asked 20 questions that we had to answer truthfully. The next day Mr Lindsay came in with a slide presentation that showed the percentages of the answers with no one’s names on it. Then after that, we did a doc about addiction to video games. Now we did an infographic on a website called What you do on is you drag a title into a place where you like then you write the title you want. After that, depending what you want, you choose body, head, bullet list, numbers, or letters. In this case I chose bullet list because I thought it would suit for this.

Thursday, August 23, 2018


In Te Ngahere this week we have been doing Technology. We got to choose what group we were in. Our technology was making something out of pallets the maximum amount of pine strips from the pallet was 6. My group had at first thought of a chair bench and we had got all the measurements done when we were then told that it was too complicated. Mr Lindsay said simple is good so we had to scrap that idea and now we’re trying to find another idea. The reason we are doing this is because we’re trying to fundraise for camp. We will be selling our stuff.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kids Can dress up day Fundraiser

In Paihia School this week (for one day) most people have been dressing up as anything they want. They are doing this to fundraise for Kids Can (gold coins only). Kids Can is a charity for Kiwi kids who go without the basics and sometimes they donate raincoats and stuff to schools. Three people dressed up as Māori smurfs. I didn’t dress up because I had nothing to dress up as and also I accidentally forgot about today being the fundraiser. But if I had remembered and I had something to dress up as I would’ve.