Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kids Can dress up day Fundraiser

In Paihia School this week (for one day) most people have been dressing up as anything they want. They are doing this to fundraise for Kids Can (gold coins only). Kids Can is a charity for Kiwi kids who go without the basics and sometimes they donate raincoats and stuff to schools. Three people dressed up as Māori smurfs. I didn’t dress up because I had nothing to dress up as and also I accidentally forgot about today being the fundraiser. But if I had remembered and I had something to dress up as I would’ve.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Korowai

Last term everyone made a piece of art to show the school. Our class made a Korowai. Our teacher photo copied some paper feathers then our class used a hot or a cold color on it with crayons. With the hot or cold colors we made patterns, then at the back of the feathers we wrote a goal that did not need to be as a school goal but a life goal. Then if you had a cold color crayon you get a hot color dye, dry it, then cut it up. When you have done all of this, then stick it on the cardboard. I just enjoyed making art. My favorite part was  putting the dye on and watching it come off the crayons.


In Te Ngahere on Monday we did basketball.Our coach was one of our teachers, Mr Lindsay taught us how to dribble properly there was a rhythm to your feet and the ball. Before the end of the lesson we played Piggy in the middle but you had to move faster .The year 7&8’s got an extra lesson because the year 6’s  where too noisy so Mr Lindsay said he wasn’t interested.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


On Friday, some students from Paihia School went to Maromaku to play Rugby and Netball. I played for the year 7&8 Rugby team. We played Pakaraka, Mototau, Whangaruru and Whananaki. I think we played very well but next time I believe we need to work on spreading out more and calling for the ball.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bay Bush Action

On Friday we had some people come over to  our school from Bay Bush Action. Their names are Brad and Stella, they told us what pest do to our Endemic and Native birds.
I really enjoyed holding stuffed dead  the possum.
Brad and Stella gave the school ten rat traps and Te Ngahere

(the class) got to put them on the OUTSIDE of the school fence, and now Paihia school will be the first school in New Zealand to be rat free.

Rat Traps - Bay Bush Action

As part of our inquiry this term we have been given some rat traps by Bay Bush Action. We check the traps everyday Last week, we checked the rat traps Brad and Stella gave us and we got a rat and a mice. Each trap has a number and we use this to log our catch onto a website. Our goal is to become the first pest-free school in New Zealand. Here are the photos down below. Saffyre Harper Te Ngahere.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Bay Bush Action

Last week in Te Ngahere, Stella and Brad from Bay Bush Action came to our class to talk to us about Native birds and animals, a topic we were studying about in our Panui. They gave us stuffed possums to pass around. Brad had a brilliant idea to give our school 10 mice traps to become to first mice-free school in New Zealand. One of the pupil from our school, Lennix, a member of Bay Bush Action was in charge of checking the mice traps. He chooses a boy and a girl to help them everyday. Here are a couple photos.