Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Room 6 learnt how to use Google Draw with the help of Chris,Tania and Raewyn who are LCN facilitators and were very patient. We presented our Animal research. Here are our efforts.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Animal Researsh Ethan has attached the following drawing:
Animal reserech
Google Drawings: Create diagrams and charts.Logo for Google Drawings

Animal research by Zoe has attached the following drawing:
Untitled drawing
Google Drawings: Create diagrams and charts.Logo for Google Drawings

Animal Research by Ocean

Animals research by Lesane

Animal Research by Sarah

Animal Research by Tarquinn

Animal Research by Matthew

Animal Research by Jesse

Animal research by Kanye

Animal Research by Mia D

Animal Research by Reitu

Animal research by Ethan

Animal research by Zac

Animal Research by Jared

Animal Research by Saffyre.H

Animal research by William

Animal Research by Ezra

Animal Research by Mitchell

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Anzac Commemoration

Paihia school commemorated the centenary of Anzac Day on 25th April by planting crosses
in a small plot behind the school.

Teachers Learning

Today I had four Paihia teachers come to Room 8 to learn how to BLOG. Here is the evidence.
The teachers took a photo, then up-loaded the photo to the cloud using the Picasa Album. The teachers then learnt to select the photo from their Picasa Album and insert the photo onto a POST. We found that, if we provide photo frames and insert the photo we can manage the placement of the photo.

Island Song Project

Some lucky students from Room 6 went with Ms Hadwin's class to Urapekapeka Island. They learnt about conservation and restoring nature to the island.

Project Island Song

Six students from Room 8 went with Mrs Hadwin to study conservation on our Islands in the Bay of Island. They learnt the importance of protecting the Island environment, so that bird numbers can grow and therefore we can here the birds singing.