Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jordan's writing about hiding

We were doing a writing test and it had to be a time when we were hiding.

I think I write more than I usually write.

I think maybe next time I could put more punctuation in the right places.

“Ouch” as I bellyflop into the pool hiding from my mum and dad holding
my brief breath choking on water. As they walked around the pool looking for me some bubbles came up. It was starting to get cold so I slowly come back up I creeped out
of the pool and slowly sprinted up the stairs. To get a towel then I start to get so
hungry but my mum and dad were still looking for me then I got bored so I went and
told them where I was hiding from them.

I saw my mum on the bacne I walked over to her and scared her I told her I was in the pool holding my breath when you went passed. Ha mum can you make something to eat
5 mins later “that was yum thank you mum can you make me some more please” I said “ok” she replied.


Aquilla's Presentation About Sonny Bill Williams.

Ryan's All blacks Vs France Recount

We had a writing test and it had to be a recount so I wrote about my family and I watching the All Blacks thrash the French.
I think I write the most that I have ever write in that amount of time.
I think I could work on my punctuation and try to add more next time.

On the 17th of October 2015 the All Blacks were playing France in England for the rugby world cup and it was the quarterfinals it was 8:00pm but here in New Zealand it was 8:00 o’clock in the morning. And my family and I were in our lounge watching the most intense game. That I had ever seen the whistle had blown and Dan Carter kicked the ball and one of the all blacks had sprinted up and stole the ball.

After 5 minutes of tackling a french had taken the ball and a player tried to kick the ball but Brodie Retalic Charged it down and scored a try everyone in my family jumped up and yelled so loud someone on the moon could hear us, then Julian Savea scored the best try I have ever seen in my life first he bunted off 1 French player and then he bunted off another and then he flattened another player and slammed the ball over the try line and I just screamed my head off I was so happy.

35 minutes later it was halftime and all blacks had the lead 29-13 and my family and I were all very nervous to see how the game will turn out. After half time my family and I were ready, it was about 10 minutes into the game when and I just screamed my head off I was so happy.

Later on Maa Nonu smashed through the Frenches line and was going to score a runaway try when he knocked the ball on and everyone in New Zealand that saw that probably yelled so loud their roofs came off, but then the whistle blew and it was full time and I was very happy to see how the game turned out.

The End

Dan Carter

Monday, October 26, 2015

Maui and The Giant Fish by Ezra and Zac

After reflection we have improved our video

Maui and the Giant Fish by Ezra and Zac

This first attempt is quite short so we want to try again and add more detail.

The Kiwi and the Cat by Kiriwai and Tarjzon

Kiwi poked predator cat so cat ran away and hid. Kiwi's egg rolled around but it hatched safely.

Maui and the Giant Fish by Jared and Mitchell

Maui hid in the waka and went fishing. He punched himself on the nose and used his blood for bait. As soon as he had thrown his magic jawbone, he felt a big tug. He pulled and pulled until a giant fish came to the surface. It became the North Island of New Zealand according to the legend.

The Snail Race in Insectopia by Cilla, Matthew, Gyanne, Zoe and Sarah

Alien Destruction by Emily and Zac.

My sister and I experimented at home with animation. Using my lego and other toys we created this video. However, we know that next time we need to start with a basic story that has a beginning, middle and end. It was fun anyway

Kiwis for Kiwis - An Animation by Jesse, TK and Tarquinn

Ethan and Will's Animation - Car Aliens - The Full Movie

Wynter-Rose - Lego Friends Episode 1

I have been learning how to create animations at school. Today I got to bring my chromebook home so I decided to create an animation at home. I got a bit bored at home so I stared at my lego and I decided I would just start playing with it. I remembered I had my chromebook so I decided to make an animation. The story begins with a family and their horse. They are cooking chicken while the horse is outside. The next day they go out for pizza and when they come home they go to sleep. When they wake up they go to the cafe and get a piece of cake and when they return to their home they are sad to find their horse has been run over. Watch out for Episode 2.... Wynter-Rose

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Iesha's DLO

I enjoyed this because! It was fun and easy to understand. 
What i think i done well!  The way i worked on this project.
What i think i could improve on?! I could of done more work. 

Native Kiwi by Saffyre .Room 6 has been learning to use poetry devices like alliteration, simile, hyperbole, personification, metaphor and onomatopoeia.

Kiwi dashing here and there,
Sliding through the forest floor,
Crunching crickets,mantis munching,beetle battling,

Kiwi peeks through the darkness
and damp of the tangled ferns,

Night covers the forest like a blanket,
Then turns to day as fast as putting frosting on a cake

Crack!crack! Kiwi’s egg is breaking!
Baby kiwi pops out and searches for its dad.
Goodnight kiwi!!! File:Kiwi (PSF).png

By Saffyre.H


Monday, October 19, 2015

Alien Kid ShakeOut by Will, Zoe and Mia

We have been learning about how to use Stop Motion Animation and WeVideo to create stories.  We have made this animation especially to share at our Kaikohekohe Digital Learning Symposium at Northland College.  We will be sharing our animation with other students as well as teaching them how to use the apps to create their  own animations.  We have also written a step by step guide as part of our procedural writing.  We are very excited to be going to the Symposium and sharing our learning.  Thanks to Tania, our fantastic Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitator.

Tynker Game

Hi This is my game i made from a coding site called tynker.To play my game click the link up top

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jazzmin's Drop Cover and Hold.

What i enjoyed about this! This was a great and new experience.
What i think i done well!  The way i worked on this project.
What i think i could improve on more?! I could improve on adding more pictures in this side.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ryan's Drop Cover Hold

My Drop Cover and Hold On.

Anihera's 24 hour footprint

I checked my history at home and at school. This is my 24-hour digital footprint.
What i enjoyed about this! because it was a new experience

What i think i done well!  my pictures i inserted

What i think i could improve on more?! the amount of time the video goes on for

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Today we participated in the New Zealand Shake Out.  This happened at 9.15 this morning.
We practiced drop, cover and hold.  

To make things slightly more authentic we identified hazards in our class and placed them where we thought they would land in an earthquake. 

We did not move our furniture, we only moved books and unsecured objects.

This was bad enough!

We were lucky that we didn't experience a real earthquake and we were able to put things back in order quickly

History of the World Cup. Scotland v All Blacks.

A short animated video by Zoe, Mia and Zac. They have since reflected on this version and have ideas for creating an improved video.

ShakeOut. DROP. COVER. HOLD. Room 6

Today Paihia School participated in the national earthquake drill ( New Zealand ShakeOut ) to ensure that we will be better prepared to survive and recover from a damaging earthquake.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Max's First Car Trip by Reitu

This is Reitu's first attempt at video animation.

The White Kiwi by Zoe, Mia and Ocean.

Zoe, Mia and Ocean started by writing a simple storyboard with a beginning, middle and end. They then used Stop Motion and We Video to animate a video. This is their effort after they had reflected on their learning.

Kiwi's Lost Egg by Saffyre and Zac

Saffyre and Zac reflected on their learning and made changes to their animation. Here is the improved version

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kiwis for Kiwi. They live on.

As part of Save the Kiwi month of October, Room 6 has been reading about kiwis and their characteristics. Wynter- Rose and Jasmine wrote a simple story about kiwis and then used Stop Motion and We Video to create a video with animation.

First attempt at animation by Saffyre and Mia

The chicken destroyed the blob monsters by sitting on them. The nasty blob monsters threw the poor chicken in the rubbish.

Dayton's digital footprint

My 24 hour history

We have been learning about our digital footprint and this is my digital footprint from the last 24 hours.

24 hour history

This is my digital 24 hour history

24 hour history

We have been learning about our digital footprint and this is my digital footprint from the last 24 hours.

My 24 hour history

I have been learning about how to create my own map with everything in my chromebook history. I am making sure I have a smart digital footprint and I am only going to appropriate sites for school and my learning.

Taimana's 24 hour history on Chromebook

We have been looking at our 24 hour history on our chromebooks here is what I found