Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rippa Rugby

Last Friday some of Te Ngahere’s year 7 and 8’s participated in a Rippa Rugby Tournament in Kaikohe.  They played amazingly and responded positively to the instructions of their coach Tony. They played 3 games and won all of them.
Ka mau te wehi!!!

Learning together is empowering

For the past few weeks Te Ngahere, Te Mounga and Te Moana have been learning about different celebrations from around the world that we have adopted in New Zealand.  
They were grouped in mixed groups with the goal of working collaboratively to achieve the success criteria.
Each group spent 2 sessions with Mrs Pou, Whaea Chrissy, Whaea Beks and Mrs Neumann.  These sessions were used as an ignition point for our inquiry this term.
It was really exciting to see students taking responsibility for not only their own but their peers learning.  
We (the teachers)found this hugely successful and we have decided to begin every new topic in this way.

Term 2 2017 Technology

Term 2 Technology - Year 7 and 8

Year 7 students have started this term with cooking.  They have been learning about the food pyramid and had to add ingredients to make healthy muffins.

Year 8 students are doing wood work.  Students got to choose what they wanted to make.  Some students chose to make wood signs, while others decided to make wooden puzzles.  Students are learning to use a variety of tools and safety.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rippa Rugby Tournament Made By Chevylee

Last Friday some of the year 7 and 8’s (including myself) went to Kaikohe for a Rippa Rugby Tournament. We had entered the social category  and had three games. We played against, Bay of Islands, Kaikohe Christian School and Rawene. We won all of our games and we all had fun. When we finished the tournament we all went to McDonalds and had Ice Creams. Next year we are going to enter in the competitive category. We had an awesome coach, his name was Tony and he helped us through the games by giving us feedback on what we can do better and training us for the past week. I had so much fun and can’t wait until the next Rippa Rugby Tournament.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tim Tipene's visit

When Tim Tipene visited Paihia School we were excited. He told us about his childhood and he read us a book called Hinemoa Te Toa, That was funny when he would acted like the other people.
His message was: Everyone has a warrior inside them. I haven’t read his books but I am really looking forward to reading them. I think some of his books are called: The Warrior kids, Taming the Taniwha, Haere and Kura Toa.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Incredible Easter

This term Paihia School seniors are learning about celebrations.One day my class learnt about Easter.I learnt that hot cross buns represent the cross that Jesus died on.
I think I did well with researching.

I think I need to work on my punctuation.