Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Short shorts no no

Short shorts no no
Reported by: Kartell

During the holidays Thomas Takimoana,his cousin, sister, step brother and niece went to the Kawakawa pool at the Bay Of Islands  Recreation  centre.

While they were swimming a gentleman in very short shorts came out of the changing rooms . Thomas and his family found this very amusing. They started laughed at him, he turned and stared at them.   They got nervous and swam away.

Thomas said he learnt a very important lesson. This was,  not to ever wear short shorts in a public place or to the pools .

Olympic swimming pool andWater polo at Robinson Pool

I was learning to write a report about my buddy’s holliday. We had to do Who they were with What they did Where they went. Then Whaea Chrissy and I had to organise them into paragraphs. So it would make sense. I also had to think of a headline to hook the reader in.
I think i learnt a lot about reports I really like the title name Short Short No No the funny bit is when the Gentleman in very short shorts comes out