Monday, October 31, 2016

World Of Maths

We were very fortunate that Mrs Cameron organised the World Of Maths to come to our kura.  The resources were set up in Te Whare Awhina.  Mrs Por, Miss Hadwin and myself grouped the students in mixed groups which had year 5, 6, 7, and 8 students.

There were 17 different hands on activities which students could choose from.  Students had to work in co-operative groups and use their maths strategies and problem solving skills to find the solutions to the puzzles and problems.




Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kia ora Last term we embarked on a completely new learning journey. We became directors, editors and movie stars. Yes we made movies. We had to learn about camera shots, angles, types of films, script writing and we also had to problem solve. One of the problems we had to solve was how to make a movie as a class. We decided to write a script collaboratively. We made sure that part of our literacy time was dedicated to script writing. We agreed on ideas and we even let Whaea Chrissy have a say (she has a very strange sense of humour) Our class movie was shown at the Kaikohekohe Film Festival.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Room 6 Watering Systems

We made our very own water system to help our plants grow.
Hi my name is Alexis and I made my watering system, my one is the one with the long pipe, I had to stand on a chair because it was to long.
Last term we made watering systems for our plants, we didn’t make complicated watering systems we only made simple ones. My one was just a little water bottle with holes in the lid.

Last term room 6 made watering systems to help water our plants. I brought in a tube from my mum and dad’s work and a milk top. I drilled holes in the lid with Mr Halladay and I think my watering system works really well.
Last term we made some simple Watering Systems for our plants we are growing. We made them with milk bottles and some bottles that the teacher gave to us. We are growing lots of vegetables for our Healthy Eating Program.

Last term we had made some fantastic water Systems.  They were for our healthy eating program. First Mrs Pou called us up. We tried our water Systems. We were all happy for giving it a go.

Last term we made a watering system for our plants. Most of the people in the class brought a  water bottle and put holes in it.

Last term we created watering systems for our plants, my one was made out of a water bottle.

Last term we made some watering systems, and we made them to help our class plants grow, and we planted Parsley, Tomato and Pumpkin. We grew vegetables for our Healthy Eating Program.

Last term we made our own watering systems to water our seedlings. Each group planted a different vegetable. There were tomato seeds, pumpkin seeds, parsley seeds and lettuce seeds.

Hi my name is Kiana. My class planted some plants. Then we made a watering system. It was fun when you got to water them.

Hi my name is Tessa.  Me and my class  planted seeds, I did pumpkin then we needed watering systems so this is my plan hope you like it.

Hi my name is Lucy my class planted some plants. We made a watering system so our plants can grow. My watering object was a bottle with holes at the top.   
We made watering systems for our plants.

Hi my name is Vanya and I go to Paihia School.  Last term we made some watering systems for our plants and I used a bottle and put holes at the top and watered them so they don’t die.
Last Term we made our watering system. Some of us made them out of water bottles or milk bottles, I used a milk bottles and poked holes through the milk bottle. We made our watering systems for our plants.

Last week we made a water system we used milk bottles and little bottles and it has to be a good watering system.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pikelets for Procedural Writing

On Wednesday room 6 made pikelets. I got to pour the milk while Sam was mixing, we made pikelets to make a story about it.
Hi my name is Sam and the class made pikelets. I got to stir the mixture with a whisk. We had to write a procedure writing about how to make pikelets.

Hi my name is Alexis and  we made pikelets, I got to pour the sugar into the eggs it was really fun.

Hi my name is Arihia and on Wednesday we made pikelets, I only got to pour the milk in with the rest of the ingredients, the mixture looked really gooey!

Hi my name is Lily, on Wednesday we made some pikelets to go with our procedural writing. I got to put in some flour. It was the best experiment ever. But I liked eating them the best.
On Wednesday we made some Pikelets. The purpose of making the Pikelets was that it was meant to help us with our Procedural writing.
Hi my name is Cheyenne. On Wednesday the class and I made pikelets. When they were finished we put jam and butter on top. They were yummy in my tummy.

Hi my name is Ngahuia and in my class we made pikelets,they were really yummy
We added some butter and jam to make them even yummier.       

Hi, my name is Yuktha we made pikelets on Wednesday and we all made one and we ate them with jam or no jam. Also the were yummy!

Hi, my name is Freya. We made pikelets on Wednesday. We had to follow the recipe but we doubled the amount of all the ingredients. When they were finished, we put jam and butter on top of them. They were delicious!

Hi my name is Kiana. My class got to make some pikelets, I got to crack the eggs and my friend Lucy did that too, it was fun.

Hi my name is Tessa, me and  my class made picklets then we wrote a procedure about making them. I got to whisk the eggs,  in the end they were yum.

Hi my name is Lucy and my class made some pikelets, if you don’t know what pikelets are the are just little pancakes. I got to crack the eggs with my friend Kiana. We followed the recipe but we doubled some things. My favorite thing about it was eating them at the end.

Hi my name is Ava on Wednesday we made pikelets because we had a lot of people in our class we doubled it. When they were done, some of us had just butter and some of us had butter and jam.

On Wednesday we made pikelets and it was for our writing.
Hi my name is Sharnee and my class made pikelets. Pikelets are like little pancakes but with a different name.
Hi my name Darrius and room 6 made pikelets. Pikelets are like a little pancakes.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Maths week 1

This week students in room 8 identified fractions as a learning need. Throughout the week there were workshops that students could opt into. Here are some examples of what we learnt. imageimageimage

Wednesday, October 12, 2016