Sunday, July 24, 2016

Jordon's speech

Why Gaming Is More Interesting  Than School Work

Hi  my name is Jordon I'm going to talk to you about why I think gaming is more interesting than school work.

Firstly, games like building games, driving games and even shooting games helps you to learn different skills. It can teach you to read, spell and do your maths. Take minecraft for a example. It can teach you maths with all the numbers and counting in the game.

There are some online maths games that can help you with some maths just look up some maths sites and you can find some good ones that can show you how to solve maths problems.

Secondly, gaming teaches you  researching skills.  If you are stuck on a level you can research some good facts that can help you with the game. You can get some cheats and codes that can help you through it and if there is something in the game you don't get, you can just look it up on youtube, so it can show you what to do.

There are some games that can help you to do more learning. Because the game can show you how to read even sometimes the game reads to you so you know what to do. You can get help with your spelling like if there are some words you didn't know about. They can read it to you and tell you all about it.

Thirdly, you can get a good online education program for around thirty  dollars a month and when people start playing games and think they're good at it they go and bet for money but sometimes you can win and sometimes you lose.

In conclusion  I think gaming is more interesting than school work because you can still learn the same amount of learning you do at school with online games.

And that is why i think gaming is more interesting than school work.


  1. Hello my name is Anthony at Kawakawa Primary School and I agree gaming is another way of learning and having fun at the same time but are there any games that have other learning areas? but anyways good argument and I hope to see you next time

  2. Hi Jordan
    My name is Ruby I go to tautoro school I enjoyed reading your story it was amazing it had a lot of facts about what you wanted to say but the only thing i would say is go back and check your work like your punctuation but other then that it was really amazing to read but thats all from me great story keeping going would love to read another writing if you ever get around to do that.