Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saphrons speech

I wonder how animals feel running for their lives? Or finding a new home hoping that no one will take it away from them. Kia ora my ingoa is Saphron and I strongly believe that we should stop disturbing and hunting animals.

We live in homes under a roof while animals live everywhere in trees,underground and in caves, we are taking their homes, every forest or bush we destroy, we are taking another home from an animal it is the same thing as us.When a fire hits our home and everything is gone our rooms, our clothes, everything is gone, our home is completely gone. This is how animals feel when their homes are taken from them. We destroy homes just to make paper, firewood and buildings it’s not on accident it’s all on purpose we are making 1 million animals die just from cutting down trees.

People can speak up for themselves but with animals they can’t so they can’t just come up to us and tell us their problems they can’t talk. But we can. If someone is sick we are going to tell someone that is our relation or just our friend. But animals in a vet or compound can’t tell us their sick or tell us to stop what we are doing and let them go. I believe that we are still the same just different in our way of life and looks but besides that we are the same we all breath, listen and learn but all in different way.

If we leave animals alone it may help with them leaving us alone, it will also help the animals breed to grow back in larger numbers so it will be easier to find them in their own natural environment. But I also believe that by doing this may also let people and animals live together in peace with no one being hunted down. At the moment we have to remove endangered animals, from their homes  and take them to zoos that will care for them and help them survive longer and be safe from the people that want their hides, horns or other pieces of their bodies.

My conclusion is that we should stop cutting down animals homes and poaching the animals instead we should protect the animals are living on this planet with us. They are powerless to protect themselves from our insatiable thirst for consumer goods.  Animals before greed I say...
Thank you.

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