Sunday, July 24, 2016

Thomas's speech

 Why playstation 3 superior to
Xbox 360
Is playstation 3 superior to Xbox 360? Some people think that
Xbox 360 is better than playstation 3 well I disagree.
Hello, my name is Thomas and I am here to convince you that playstation 3 is superior to Xbox 360 for 3 strong reasons. These are design, running costs and durability.  

Firstly, Playstation 3  has a better controller design. What is a controller ? If you don’t know what a  controller is then let me explain,  a controller is a device to move the person or thing around. It also has specific buttons to perform actions or move specific things. The  Xbox 360  control design is too big, difficult to reach the buttons if you have small hands and can’t really be stored anywhere. The Playstation 3 has a great design for small hands and it  can be stored anywhere, small or big

Secondly, Playstation 3  is free online. What is online? If you don't what online is it is when you are connected to your  internet network and play with your friends that have internet as well. Unlike Playstation 3 which is free to play online , Xbox 360 is $10.00 online  for 1 month, $25.00 online  for 3 months and $60.00 online  for a year.  Also you have to have parent’s permission to sign in to  Xbox 360 online.   Playstation 3 does not require you to have parental permission.

Think about it, how many parents are going to give you permission to play online or pay for you to do this.  Not many I know for sure my Dad wouldn’t.

Thirdly, Xbox 360 has a thing called the red ring of death. What is the red ring of death mean? Basically the red ring of death  means the dashboard of the Xbox 360 is overheating and cannot be fixed. Another thing about the red ring of death is a red ring  that goes around the off button of the  and over heats and a has a slight chance of blowing up. Also the red of ring of death has a possible chance of catching fire unlike Playstation 3  it does not have a design fault  Playstation 3  will not blow up OR it will not catch fire.  

In conclusion, My opinion is that the playstation 3 is for more superior to not only Xbox 360 but any other gaming consoles including  Wii, nintendo,  etc.  

I’m sure others will have there own opinion of what they prefer but all my reasons for my own personal preference is through shared experience with my peers and my own independent research.

Thank you.

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  1. Kia ora Thomas,

    My name's Anthony and i'm from Tautoro School. In my opinion I think Xbox 360s and Ps3s are equal to each other. But I reckon the 360 has a better dashboard. I own a 360 myself but I haven't really played on a Ps3. Other than that great story, but there could of been some punctuation fix ups here and there.

    See ya,