Sunday, June 25, 2017

Yumm Ice Cream

Yummy Icy Ice Cream Making

WALT Write a recount using the correct structure and use alliteration

On Friday the best day of the week Te Ngahere made yummy vanillary vanilla icy ice cream! We had to work in partners it was Keekee and I, but first Te Ngahere had to all finish off our learning plans and the cool thing is that we all finished it on Friday.

Firstly we had to write our names on a small bag, and next we had put in 1 cup of creamy cream, two tablespoon of sweet sugar and to make it taste like vanillary vanilla we had to put half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Next we had to get a big bag a put 2 - 3 handfuls of icy ice, it  made me  feel like I had numb hands,  I did but they were red like the sun.  We also had to put 6 tablespoons of salt in the big bag of icy ice then we had to put the little bag of creamy cream and sweet sugar in the bag of ice Mrs Pou said make sure you close the bag properly or it will be an icy ice salty creamy cream, like what a kid in Te Ngahere did.

Then we had to go outside and shake and shake it.  It was  cold but Keekee and I were taking turns, we had to shake it for like 15 minutes.  When we were finished Alexis and Brodi said we need to get the little bag out of the big bag and I put my hand in the icy ice salty salt and it stung my hand.   

Last  week on Friday Te Ngahere Made delicious Vanilla ice Cream, We all had to write a Recount about how we made it an what we used. We had to use a variety of measurements and ingredients. I was also Learning how to use  the correct structure and use alliteration in my writing. We got to make the ice cream because we all got 100% on our learning plans. We had to work in partners it was Keekee and I. When we were finished we got to eat it and it was salty from the the bag that we put it in.

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