Thursday, July 5, 2018


On Friday, some students from Paihia School went to Maromaku to play Rugby and Netball. I played for the year 7&8 Rugby team. We played Pakaraka, Mototau, Whangaruru and Whananaki. I think we played very well but next time I believe we need to work on spreading out more and calling for the ball.

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  1. Kia ora! My name is Zoey! I am from Gilberthorpe School! I am happy that you are part of the blogging group. I hope that you like the comments and blog posts that we put up and send. I see that your in the Top of the North Island! And that you have a beautiful beach and lake/lagon! I also see that this blog post is on rugby and netball! The photo that was taken was a pretty nice photo but there is none of netball only rugby. I also know that you have pretty cheap hotels around our town!
    Blog U Later!