Monday, July 3, 2017

Waitangi Treaty

On Tuesday all the Paihia School kids went to the Waitangi Treaty grounds the juniors went in the morning  and the seniors went in the afternoon.When we arrived at the treaty grounds we had to split into three big groups, some group’s had their class and some had split up into different classes the first one we done was the one when we had to go into the bush and plant some plants. We had to plant kawakawa we tried  find a place to plant our kawakawa.The next activity was manu aute as in kit I went with Reitu we both were done at the same time.When everyone was done we had to fly the kites the only kite that went the furthest was Kingi’s and his partner. The next activity was playing matou and maui plus ki waenganui those were the one’s that I liked. I think that that day was the best.

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