Monday, February 20, 2017


Jumping of the wharf and into the dark water of the creek the freezing water soaking your togs
Swimming hard against the outward tide
Trying to stop being swept away by the harsh current.
Hopping out of the water and running to get your towel
Wrapping it around your cold body.
Getting ready to do it again
Facing the cold once more.
That was summer
I was learning to notice  a structure of a piece of writing to write  my own descriptive piece of writing.
We had to start with remember or I remember,
My first line was what you were doing.
My second line was something that was happening
My third line was Something you did
Why you did it We had to figure out the last four lines and finish with that was summer or that was my summer.
We had to use descriptive,interesting words.
What I think I did well was using interesting adjectives.
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  1. Kia ora Astin. I enjoyed reading your descriptive writing especially the strong words like freezing and harsh. A good start.