Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Healthy Eating Planting

Yuktha - Yesterday we planted little garden, and we planted lots of vegetables, we also had grown veggies, for our healthy eating.

Vanya- Yesterday we planted vegetables in little pots and last week we planted them in Ice-cream containers and now we are waiting for them.

Brodi - We did some planting, I did kale. We are Learning to grow vegetables for our healthy eating.  

Alexis - We planted some vegetables and I did lettuce. We planted them to eat healthy food and to learn about growing plants.  

Emma-Yesterday we planted some healthy vegetables for our little garden.I did Basil.We grew them because we wanted to learn about growing plants.

Major- Last week we planted some vegetables for our healthy eat and it was fun.
Darrius- Yesterday we planted little garden it was cool I thought it was awesome.

Sharnee- Yesterday we did some planting I did Chilli. We are learning to grow healthy food for our slideshow Healthy Eating. We measured the water we needed to use.
Lily - We are learning about healthy eating and how plants grow. Yesterday we planted some garden plants. They came in packets then Mrs Pou called up groups I was in the first group. When we put water on the soil it absorbed the water. I planted cauliflower and it takes 90 to 120 days to grow.

Ezia - Last week I planted some seeds. I had Pumpkin it was very cool.  

Lucy - Last week we planted some food for healthy eating, and my plant was carrots. We got to water them as well.
Izaiah - Last week we planted vegetables for our healthy eating program and we were learning how to grow plants.

Ngahuia - Yesterday we planted some vegetables, in little pot’s for our healthy eating program, we also planted some vegetables, last week that was also for our healthy eating.
Freya - We have been planting vegetables, we planted small ones and big ones. My big one was a pumpkin and my small one was a cherry tomato. We had to measure how much water to put in the little plants.

Arihia - Yesterday we planted our little garden, we measured how much water we needed to use and we planted them for healthy eating. The plant that I had was Radish.

Cheyenne-Yesterday we planted little gardens. First you find the soil tablet in the pack then you will find a seed mat. Then after you have opened the pack you put the tablet in water then when it is dissolved you put it in the little cup and put the seed mat on then cover it up with dirt. I planted Mint.

Kingi - Last week we planted veggies I planted lettuce, lettuce will be nice in a sandwich.

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  1. Kia ora Room 6. Thank you for sharing your seed planting work. I love gardening. I am not very good at growing flowers but I have a big vegetable garden at home. I can show you photos and a video of it if you like. There is nothing better than eating food that you have grown yourself.