Thursday, June 7, 2018

Rat Traps - Bay Bush Action

As part of our inquiry this term we have been given some rat traps by Bay Bush Action. We check the traps everyday Last week, we checked the rat traps Brad and Stella gave us and we got a rat and a mice. Each trap has a number and we use this to log our catch onto a website. Our goal is to become the first pest-free school in New Zealand. Here are the photos down below. Saffyre Harper Te Ngahere.


  1. Hi this is Angus here and I like how you are getting rid of the rats. in your school and I don't like rats ether BLOG YOU LATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kia ora Saffyre and Te Ngahere,
    You are doing some excellent work in your area for controlling the pests and supporting your native species. I connect very strongly with this as I used to work with the Hoiho -Yellow Eyed Penguin on the Otago Peninsula. I used to shoot and use leg traps and Timms Traps to catch and control possums, stoats, ferrets and wild cats.
    How are you going with your pest free school goal? It would be cool to get an update on you catch talley.One year I got 26 ferrets, 15 stoats, lots of hedgehogs and 1 cat.