Monday, September 11, 2017

3.8.17 New Zealand WALT: write an informational report and use the structure. New Zealand is a in the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand is in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand's native animal is the Kiwi it has a long beak. There were about twelve million kiwis but predators eat so many chicks there are only about one hundred thousand Kiwi in New Zealand. New Zealand has a lot of sport but the most popular sports are rugby, cricket and rugby league. New Zealand rugby team won the Rugby World Cup. There are a lot of traditions in New Zealand. Halloween is one of the traditions in New Zealand. On Halloween you dress up as zombies, skeletons and other monsters. In New Zealand there is Waitangi day as well. New Zealand has a lot of sport. New Zealand is a cool place to live in.

A few weeks ago Te Ngahere were writing reports.

Our first one was about picking a country and writing facts about it. We were learning to write an informational report.

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