Sunday, August 28, 2016

Check Out Room Six Maths Evening

On the maths evening we did maths with my Mum , caregiver and I . Mrs Pou told us problem`s and we had to solve them then we went into a maths site and then we needed to do games. I did cards.

Maths Evening was a help to my Mum and Dad. My Dad and Mum showed me their way and I showed them my way. So they now know how I solve problems. We learnt how to play hangman too.

On the maths evening night my Mum learnt how to do maths my way so that we don’t break up into fights or arguments I learnt how to do Mum’s way and we played this game I had to say what was the closest number to the hundreds.

On math evening my dad and me learnt how each other solve maths problems. I learnt how to do it his way and he learnt my way. We played a game where you have four dice and multiply them together to get your score. We also looked at some maths problems and a site to help us with our learning and math strategies

Last night my Mum and I came to the maths evening. Mrs Pou gave us a lot of paper of what we have to learn. I had to learn some more fractions and numbers to a 1,000,000.  

At Maths Evening I had learnt a new Game it was Hangman . It was fun there was heap of  cool games there too . Thank you

Last night was an amazing night being with my mum. Mum and I were so happy we came to this maths evening because we learnt a lot of things. The game that my mum and I play was snap but the snap was a adding snap you had to use cards.

Last night was a blast, and  mum and I will want to do it again, every Wednesday and I learned, a different way to do time tables, and plus.

That was a very helpful, our parents learnt a lot. They learnt how to help us with maths in the way we have been taught instead of the way our parents have.

The maths evening last night was amazing. Our parents learnt the way we write and figure out, which saved a lot of arguments thanks Mrs Pou, the games you set up like number hangman and lots others were awesome.

The maths evening was amazing even with my Mum. My Mum and I were so happy because she learnt some thing that she didn’t know. My mum and I, we played hangman but with additions and Multiplication .



  1. Kia ora Room 6. I enjoyed reading your writing about the maths evening. I am glad your parents and you all enjoyed it. I certainly did. I am so glad there were so lots of parents who came along. I think they all learned something. You are so lucky to have such a great teacher too.

  2. Hello from Caswell, Wales, U K....we are really impressed by your maths evening and thank you for sharing via your class blog. I think all adults would benefit from such an evening...we certainly feel we could! Sending our Best Wishes to you all, and your teacher. Bibi and Grandpa PRESSDEE.

  3. thank you all I all like your comment s expecialy you bibi and thank you you to your mum pay me a visit sometime my adress is
    LATERS !