Monday, August 29, 2016

Alazhay's Narrative Story


Once there was a village named Helgen full with village people. The village stood in a remote location with tall trees towering over it.  The only thing that was near Helgen was a dark giant cave engraved in a mountain with a scowling dragon watching over the people.

The people of the village were always happy. They danced around in joy and celebrated every moment of their life. At the top stood Laslo, the mighty king. He was a king who did anything to keep his citizens safe. Laslo's medieval knights, Quzi, Smosh and Jack were patrolling around the village looking for intruders, or the bad guys. His men were Loyal, trustworthy people who secured the village with their life.
There was a boy named Jeb and his mother named Alexstra who were always worried about everything. They were people who liked Living and Nature, But one day…

“Mommy why are there trees breaking?” said Jeb“I don't know but let's go tell the Guard!” Alexstra said “Uhm excuse me, my son said he heard trees falling” said Alexstra.“Hey Quzi let's go check out this forest” said JackThe two knights wandered off to check, but as soon as the walked through the gates,

RAAAAARR!! The dragon yelled, jumping out of the bush.

The two knights ran back into the village securing everyone into the castle.

The people where terrified and jumped backwards as far as they can.

The knights were suprised that a dragon lived near them.

“Get the bows Smosh” said Laslo

Smosh ran to get the bow and arrows down the hall while Quzi & Jack fought off the dragon.

Smosh sprinted as fast as he could to get the Bows, they lay just five rooms ahead of him

“I got them” Smosh shouted

Smosh ran back gasping for air, but he would do anything for the citizens. Smosh kept running until he got to his destination.

“Here King Laslo” Smosh said while restoring his lungs with air.Both of them ran down and started aiming at the dragon.

The dragon let out a roar, spewing acid from the back of his throat, out towards the village

The dragon traveled around the village eroding whatever came in its path“This dragon is mighty” Laslo whispered to himself

“Phh” Quzi let go of the arrow making a whistling sound on its way to the dragon. The arrow slit the flesh piercing through the heart of the dragon. The dragon ROARED leaving echoing sounds traveling through the forest.

When the area was clear, the citizens of Helgen were relieved that the dragon was gone and there will be no more chaos. The village thanked the knights and king for their bravery.

“Horrah!, Horrah!, Horrah.!” they yelled

It will take many months to rebuild this chaotic mess but nothing can stop us” Laslo said to himself. Laslo and his three men were proud of themselves so they congratulated everyone with a nice cold drink...

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  1. Kia ora Alazahy my name is Keila from Tautoro School and I’m a year seven.
    What a wonderful start to your narrative story I really enjoyed it. I thought that you used really good descriptive words like adjectives and verbs and I thought you had a fantastic introduction in your story.
    There were some punctuation errors that could be improved through proof-reading or getting a buddy to check. But otherwise, well done on a great narrative story.
    From Keila.