Thursday, April 5, 2018


Yesterday in Te Ngahere  we started a poem about us but we
 had to use metaphors to describe ourselves. We couldn’t use boring everyday
words we had to use words that stand out. we were not allowed to use I, because,
like and as. I really enjoy doing this poem because wegot to describe ourselves .


AJ is a flower, delicate and elegant growing everyday

AJ is a lollie, sweet and delicious with the taste of success
AJ is a butterfly, soft and delightful, flying around trying to stay strong in
the wind

AJ is a star ,shining bright in the sky every night

AJ is a dork diaries book, full of secrets.


  1. Kia ora AJ it’s me Breeze. I think that your metaphor was great.What I think you could improve on is to not write the same word in one small sentence.Other than that I think that your metaphor was awesome.

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